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10 Song Altar Call Package (With Background Vocal) 0914B
10 Song Christmas Package (With Background Vocal) 0963B
10 Song Christmas Package (With Background Vocal) 0964B
10 Song Wedding Package (Without Background Vocal) 1073N
A Brand New Tongue [David Ingles] 1680B
A Brand New Touch 0647B
A Broken Heart I Gave (Lindberg) 0101B
A Friend Called Grace 1594B
A Living Example Of Love [David Ingles] 1692B
A Living Praise [Carrol Hicks] 1791B
A New Kind Of Love [David Ingles] 1921B
A New World Coming 0103N
A Perfect Heart 1228B
A Plan That Will Last (McClenagan) 0659B
A Prayer To God 0531N
A Rich Man Am I 0242N
A Small Wooden Bridge 0826B
A Wonderful Friend 1319B
Abraham [David Ingles] 1891B
After All 0605N
After Calvary 0106N
Ahoy [Carrol Hicks] 1792B
Ain't No Grave (Gonna Hold Me Down) 1614B
All In Favor 1047N
All In The Name Of Jesus 0381N
All That He Is 1320B
Alleluia 0349B
Alleluia To The Lamb 1209N
Always Enough 1403B
Always On Time [Carrol Hicks] 1793B
Always The Same 1037B
Amazing Grace 0827B
Amazing Grace 1794B
Amazing Grace 0514N
An Evening Prayer 0527N
An Old Man’s Prayer [Carrol Hicks] 1795B
And Can It Be 0602B
Another Christmas Day [Christmas] [Carrol Hicks] 1796B
Arise N' Shine (McClenagan) 0811N
Arise, My Soul, Arise 0565N
At Last (Wedding Track) 1758N
At The Name Of Jesus 1276B
Away In A Manger 0500N
Away In A Manger [Christmas] 1797B
Back In The Fold 1470B
Barely Get Along Street (McClenagan) 0886B
Battle Hymn [Patriotic] 0570B
Be An Instrument Of Power 1023N
Be Glad In The Lord [David Ingles] 1710B
Be Not Afraid 0869B
Be Our Guest 1226B
Beatitudes [Tim Haynes] 1656B
Beautiful Melodies 1321B
Beautiful Star of Bethlehem 1383B
Beauty In My Eyes (Wedding Track) Timothy Haynes 1132N
Because He Lives 0113B
Because He Lives 0110B
Because He Lives 0112B
Because He Lives 0515N
Before He Calls Again 0114B
Before He Calls Again 0115N
Behold The Bridegroom Cometh [Rita King] 0950B
Behold The Lamb 1204N
Believe In The Promises 0621B
Bethlehem, Galilee, Gethsemane 0731B
Better Hurry Up 1214N
Better Hurry Up (Get Ready To Go) 1270N
Better Than This 1303B
Blessed Assurance 1798B
Blessed Assurance 0603N
Blessed Assurance (Soul Arrangement) 0761B
Blessed Is He [Tim Haynes] 1657B
Bloom Where You're Planted [Carrol Hicks] 1799B
Boundaries Of Your World [Carrol Hicks] 1800B
Breathe The Name Of Jesus 0682B
Bridge Over Troubled Water 0116N
Bring Back The New Again 0829B
Bring Back The Springtime 0117N
Broken And Spilled Out 1471B
Bug Off, Bug, Quit Buggin' Me (McClenagan) 0814B
Building 1013N
Burning On 1175N
By Calvary 1235B
By What Name 0407N
Called To Love [Carrol Hicks] 1801B
Can He, Could He, Would He 1029N
Can't You See 1595B
Carry That Cross [Carrol Hicks] 1802B
Carry The Torch 1046N
Cast Your Cares On Him [Rita King] 1159B
Celebrate Jesus' Name 1246B
Child Of God 0360N
Children Of The Most High God 1277B
Christ Returneth 0568B
Christ Within 0342N
Christmas Is Believing 1384B
Christmas Medley: Tell Me The Story of Jesus - Emmanuel - Joy To The World - O Come Let Us Adore Him 1385B
Christmas Time All Year 1386B
City Of Gold 0454B
Cleanse Me, Oh Lord [Rita King] 0952B
Come Down Lord 0868B
Come Holy Spirit (Peterson) 0119N
Come Into The Ark 0429N
Come Into The Ark 0684N
Come Lord Jesus 0496N
Come On Down 0406N
Come On Down 0516N
Come On Down 0120B
Come Up Higher 1278B
Come, Now Is The Time To Worship 1558B
Consider The Lilies 0934B
Constantly Abiding 0121B
Cool Clear Water [Laurinda Stogsdill] 1615B
Cost Of Living 1729B
Country Church (Nelson) 0695B
Country Church Medley 1094B
Covenant Father [David Ingles] 1928B
Covenant Rights [David Ingles] 1924B
Crimson River 1322B
Crimson Stream (Michael Murphy) 1166B
Crumbs From The Table 0556N
Daddy's Hands - [Father's day] 1559B
Daddy's Words Of Wisdom [Carrol Hicks] 1803B
Day Of Independence [David Ingles] 1711B
Days of Elijah 1596B
Daystar 1273N
Daystar (Shine Down On Me) 1215N
Debbie's Christmas Song 1387B
Deliverer [Tim Haynes] 1658B
Demonstratin' The Defeat Of Satan 1560B
Devoted To You (Wedding Track) 1208N
Didn't He Shine 0417N
Do You Have Any Rivers? 0674N
Do You Really Care 1065N
Don't Compromise [Carrol Hicks] 1804B
Don't Give Up Your Dream (Mike Murdock) 1002B
Don't Let Me See 1124B
Don't Let Me Walk Too Far From Calvary 0124B
Don't Run From Reality 0623B
Don't Shout Me Down [David Ingles] 1712B
Don't you say "Why?" [David Ingles] 1693B
Down From His Glory 1761B
Down From His Glory 0613N
Down From His Glory 0935B
Drawn Into Union [David Ingles] 1927B
Dream On 1015N
Drift Away 1597B
Dusty Roads [Carrol Hicks] 1805B
Each Step I Take 0825B
Eagle Song 1255N
Earth, Earth, Earth [David Ingles] 1713B
Earth's Tiny King 0498B
El Shaddai (You're Such A Good God To Me) [David Ingles] 1714B
Empty Hands 0689B
En El Nombre De Cristo (Spanish Track) 1152N
Envy Of Angels 1210N
Evacuation Day 0973B
Ever Gentle, Ever Sweet 0377N
Ever Since That Wonderful Day 1509N
Everyday He Wants More Of Me 0430N
Everything I Touch Is Blessed (Mike Murdock) 1003B
Everything To Me [Laurinda Stogsdill] 1616B
Everywhere 0871B
Exactly What I Need 0463N
Except For The Cross 0618N
Exclusively Yours (Mike Murdock) 1004B
Faith As A Child [Carrol Hicks] 1866N
Faith One Medley [David Ingles] 1936N
Farther Along 0607B
Father, We Praise You [David Ingles] 1715B
Father, You've Done It Again [David Ingles] 1716B
Feeling At Home In The Presence Of Jesus 0471B
Fill Me With The Holy Ghost [Rita King] 1048N
Fill Me With The Holy Ghost [Rita King] 0949B
Fill My Cup, Lord 0251N
Fill My Cup, Lord 0380B
Fill My Cup, Lord 0582B
Fill My Cup, Lord 0126B
Fill My Cup, Lord 0519N
Find Us Faithful 1540B
First Day In Heaven 0540N
Fishers Of Men [Carrol Hicks] 1806B
Follow Me 0373N
Follow Your Heart 0426N
For All The World 1779B
For Every Valley There's A Lily 1323B
For Me 0548N
For Such A Time As This 0475B
For The Eyes Of The Lord [David Ingles] 1717B
For This Cause [David Ingles] 1683B
For Those Tears I Died 0376N
For What Earthly Reason 1091B
For What Earthly Reason 1285B
Forbid Not Little Children To Come Unto Me [Children] [Carrol Hicks] 1807B
Forever Is A Long, Long Time 0253N
Forgiven 1231B
Formed In The Image 1598B
Fresh Beginnings 1324B
From The Cross To The Crown 0425N
Garment Of Praise [David Ingles] 1718B
Give Them All To Jesus 0645N
Give You All 1033B
Glorified (McClenagan) 0879B
Glorify His Name (Candi Staton) 1160B
Glorious Inheritance [David Ingles] 1685B
Glory Is Waiting 1030N
Glory To His Name 1808B
Go Back She's Using That Name [David Ingles] 1709B
Go Tell It On The Mountain 0754B
Go Tell John Again [David Ingles] 1929B
God Bless The USA 1472B
God Can 0838B
God Can't Give You Something That He Ain't Got 1279B
God Heal America [Patriotic] 1325B
God Is (Skillings) 0128N
God Is About To Do 1045N
God Is Gonna See You Through (Mike Murdock) 1005B
God Is Greater 1232B
God Jehovah [Carrol Hicks] 1809B
God Loves You 1762B
God Made Us A Wonderful World [Carrol Hicks] 1810B
God Of Forgiveness 1170B
God On The Mountain 1304B
God Poured My Sin Into Jesus [David Ingles] 1694B
God Put A Rainbow In The Sky 0976N
God Said It, I Believe It (McClenagan) 0660B
God Walks The Dark Hills 0547N
God Will Make A Way 1473B
God Will Make This Trial A Blessing 1234B
God Will Outlast Your Storm (Mike Murdock) 1006B
God's Extended Hand Of Love [Carrol Hicks] 1811B
God's Gonna Send A Revival 1090B
God's Got It (Candi Staton) 1162B
God's Little Fish [Children] [Carrol Hicks] 1812B
God's Love 0533N
God's Love Will Never Fail You 0762B
God's Perfect Plan [Carrol Hicks] 1813B
God's Wonderful People 0487N
God's Wonderful People 0258N
God's Wonderful People 1305B
Going Home 1263B
Gonna Be Millionaires 0550B
Good To Me [Greg Aery] 1617B
Grand Central Station 1258N
Great Day 1028N
Great Is Thy Faithfulness 1404B
Greater Is He 0444N
Growing Pains [Carrol Hicks] 1814B
Hallelujah Meetin' 0495N
Hallelujah Square 0698N
Hallowed Be Thy Name 1474B
Hark The Herald Angels Sing 0854B
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You 1599B
Have You Ever Been Lonely 0525N
Hay Poder (Spanish Track) 1154N
He Ain't Never 0805B
He Ain't Never Done Me Nothin' But Good 1286B
He Arose [Rita King] 0948B
He Came Down To My Level 1206N
He Came Down To My Level 1221N
He Came To Me 1306B
He Can 0738B
He Can Do It Again 0131B
He Delivers 1251N
He Did It All For Me 0433N
He Filled A Longing 0520B
He Found Me Just In Time 0571N
He Gave Me Something Worth Living For 1434N
He Giveth More Grace 0132B
He Is All I Need 1326B
He Is Here 1288B
He Is Here 1287B
He Is My Everything 1635B
He Is My Lord [David Ingles] 1719B
He Isn't There 0699B
He Just Loved Me More And More 0478N
He Looked Beyond My Fault And Saw My Need 0134N
He Looked Beyond My Fault And Saw My Need 0133N
He Loves Me 1763B
He Loves Me So 0615B
He Never Changes 0135B
He Never Said A Word 0977N
He Paid A Debt 1405B
He Picks Me Up 1035B
He Pilots My Ship 0576N
He Proved His Love 0867B
He Rescued Me [David Ingles] 1892B
He Sees Me In Him 1600B
He Set Me Free 1123B
He Still Speaks 1436N
He Touched Her When She Touched Him [David Ingles] 1930B
He Touched Me 0562N
He Touched Me 0138N
He Touched My Hand 0464B
He Walked Upon The Water 1250N
He Was There All The Time 0635N
He Was There All The Time 1280B
He Whispers Sweet Peace To Me 0139B
He Who Began A Good Work 1541B
He Will 1307B
He Will Carry You 1542B
He Will Roll You Over The Tide 1254N
Heartbeat 1146N
Heart's Door [Children] [Carrol Hicks] 1815B
Heaven 0445N
Heavenly Flu [David Ingles] 1899B
Heaven's Echoes 1249N
Heaven's Jubilee 1816B
He'll Come As No Surprise 1437N
He'll Do It Again 1475B
He'll Do It Again 1289B
He'll Go With Us 1634B
He'll Take You Through 0671B
Hello Mornin' [Carrol Hicks] 1817B
Here Am I, Send Me 1082B
Here Comes Jesus 0579N
Here Comes Your Miracle 1056B
Here He Comes 1039B
Here He Is [David Ingles] 1907B
Here In This Garden [Tim Haynes] 1673N
Here We Are 1477B
Here We Are 0625B
Heroes Of Today [Carrol Hicks] 1818B
He's Alive (Darcy Abbott) 1168B
He's Alive In Me (McClenagan) 0806B
He's Always There 1059B
He's Been Through It Too 1476B
He's Coming Again 0448N
He's Coming Again 1266N
He's Ever Interceding 1406B
He's My Inspiration 1034B
He's My Port In The Storm 1025N
He's The Calm In The Midst Of The Storm (McClenagan) 0653B
He's The Only Reason I Live (Joy Elms) 1164B
He's Walking In My Shoes 0864B
Hey It's You And Me [Carrol Hicks] 1819B
Hey, I'm A Believer 0650B
Higher Than The Moon 1275N
His Banner Over Me Is Love 0347N
His Blood Still Sets Men Free 1080N
His Hand In Mine 0141N
His Kind Of Love 0688N
His Name Is Jesus [David Ingles] 1695B
Hold On 1561B
Hold To God's Unchanging Hand 0672B
Holy Ground 0985N
Holy Ground 1290B
Holy Spirit, Thou Art Welcome In This Place 0700B
How Great Thou Art 0560N
How Great Thou Art 0619N
How Great Thou Art 0143B
How Much More 0144N
How Sweet Are The Promises 1636B
Husband And Wife [David Ingles] 1908B
I Am 1407B
I Am Determined 1053B
I Am Healed [David Ingles] 1696B
I Am Loved 1552N
I Am The Righteousness Of God In Christ [David Ingles] 1678B
I Asked The Lord 0441N
I Asked The Lord 0610N
I Believe 1730B
I Believe He Died For Me 0453N
I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Calvary 0102N
I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Calvary 0145N
I Bowed On My Knees 1176N
I Call Him Lord 0542N
I Call It Home 1408B
I Can Do All Things 1764B
I Can Only Imagine 1562B
I Can, I Can, I Can[Children] [Carrol Hicks] 1820B
I Can't Complain 0434N
I Can't Explain It 1308B
I Can't Make It By Myself (McClenagan) 0658B
I Could Never Outlove The Lord 0438N
I Could Never Outlove The Lord 0461N
I Could Never Praise Him Enough 1513N
I Dare To Believe 1601B
I Depend On Jesus 0872B
I Don’t Allow Hurting [David Ingles] 1926B
I Don't Know Why Jesus Loved Me 0440N
I Don't Sing Those Songs Anymore [David Ingles] 1697B
I Feel Good 0687B
I Feel Good 0633B
I Feel The Presence Of The Lord In This Place [Rita King] 0946B
I Found It 0873B
I Go To The Rock 0742B
I Have 0760B
I Have A Father Who Can 0494N
I Have Hope 0490B
I Just Feel Like Something Good Is About To Happen 0595N
I Just Want To Know 0148N
I Know 0584N
I Know I'm Born Again 0522N
I Know Where I'm Goin' 0536N
I Know Who Holds Tomorrow 1409B
I Lost It All 0686B
I Love Him Too Much 0150N
I Love Him Too Much 0449N
I Love His Name 1058B
I Love You, Lord 1230B
I Never Shall Forget The Day 1478B
I Owe It All To Jesus 1207N
I Pledge Allegiance To The Lamb [Patriotic] 1328B
I Present You To Jesus 0379N
I Should Have Been Crucified 0375N
I Should Have Been Crucified 0468N
I Should Have Been Crucified 0392N
I Should Have Been Crucified 0152N
I Sing Because 1309B
I Speak The Word (McClenagan) 0807B
I Stand Amazed 0153N
I Still Can't Say Goodbye [Father's Day] 1890N
I Sure Love You [David Ingles] 1720B
I Surrender All 0614B
I Surrender All 0661B
I Thank My God 1122B
I Thank My God I Am In His Care 1443N
I Traded A Vapor [Carrol Hicks] 1821B
I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked 0385N
I Wanna Be Ready 1780B
I Want That Mountain 1410B
I Want To Go With Jesus 0552B
I Want To Stroll Over Heaven With You [David Ingles] 1721B
I Was There When The Spirit Came 0154B
I Will Bless The Lord [Rita King] 1158B
I Will Do The Same [Tim Haynes] 1659B
I Will Follow Jesus 1184N
I Will Glory In The Cross 0766B
I Will Glory In The Cross 1291B
I Will Make The Darkness Light 0677B
I Will Not Quit 1479B
I Will Watch Over My Word To Perform It 1281B
I Wonder How It Felt 0842B
I Won't Have To Cross Jordan Alone 1445N
I Won't Have To Worry Anymore 1480B
I Won't Have To Worry Anymore 0388B
I Won't Walk Without Jesus 0578N
I Worship You [David Ingles] 1931B
I Would Not Be Denied 1061N
I’m Making Plans To Succeed [David Ingles] 1893B
I'd Rather Be With You 1481B
I'd Rather Have Jesus 0459N
If Everybody Prayed 1179N
If God Be For Us 0488N
If God Is Dead 0455B
If He Hung The Moon 1563B
If I Ever Needed A Friend, It's You (McClenagan) 0812B
If It Keeps Gettin' Better 0391B
If It Keeps Gettin' Better 0157N
If Not For Christ 1733B
If Not For The Love Of Christ 1734B
If That Isn't Love 0521N
If That Isn't Love 0158N
If You've Come To Tell Me [Carrol Hicks] 1822B
I'll Be All Right (As Soon As I Touch Calvary) 0629N
I'll Be Home [Carrol Hicks] 1872N
I'll Be Satisfied 1732B
I'll Choose You Again 1044N
I'll Fly Away 0409N
I'll Fly Away (Instrumental) 0577N
I'll Meet You In The Morning 1257N
I'll See You In The Rapture 0431N
I'll Soon Be Gone 0482N
I'll Soon Be Gone 1076N
I'll Stand On Your Word [Carrol Hicks] 1823B
I'll Wake Up In Glory 0274N
I'm A Citizen Of Two Worlds 1637B
I'm A Jesus Fan 1081B
I'm A New Creation (I'm A Brand New Man) [David Ingles] 1698B
I'm A Promise 0841B
I'm Anchored In The Rock Of Ages 0764B
I'm Feelin' Fine 1515N
I'm Free 1516N
I'm Glad I Know 1411B
I'm Gonna Rise 0741B
I'm Gonna Rise Up Against The Enemy (McClenagan) 0809B
I'm Gonna Run 1036B
I'm Gonna Stand 1060B
I'm Not Across The River Yet 1177N
I'm Not Amazed (At What The Lord Can Do) 1074N
I'm So Excited 1038B
I'm So Unworthy 0159N
I'm Taking Back What The Devil Has Stolen From Me 1064N
I'm The Lamb Jesus Left The Flock For 0538N
I'm Yours 1219N
In Death He Rent The Vail 1071N
In Due Time [Rita King] 1157B
In Him [David Ingles] 1699B
In His Time 1483B
In The Chamber 0743B
In The Chamber [David Ingles] 1677N
In The Cool Of The Evening 1223N
In The Garden 0277N
In The Garden 0469N
In The Heartland 1222N
In The Presence Of Jehovah 1052B
In The Shelter Of His Arms 1272N
In The Sweet By And By 0447N
In The Valley He Restoreth My Soul 0160B
In The Valley He Restoreth My Soul 0384B
Into His Presence 1248B
Is That The Lights Of Home? 0279N
Is Thy Heart Right With God 0667B
It Came Upon A Midnight Clear 0503B
It Came Upon A Midnight Clear 0753B
It Is Finished 0628B
It Is Love 0590N
It Is Love 0824B
It Is No Secret 0588N
It Is Well With My Soul 1216N
It is Written [David Ingles] 1722B
It May Be Today (Bixler) 0163N
It Was Love [Tim Haynes] 1660B
It Was Me [David Ingles] 1700N
It Was You Lord [Laurinda Stogsdill] 1618B
It Will Pass 0281N
It Would Still Be Christmas 1389B
It Wouldn't Be Enough 0532N
It Wouldn't Be Enough 0361N
It's A Miracle 0840B
It's A New Day 1055B
It's A Wonderful Feeling 0165B
It's In My Heart 0866B
It's Incredible 0843B
It's My Desire 0634B
It's Not In Vain 1413B
It's Still Real Today 0583N
It's Through The Blood 1414B
It's Time 1564B
I've Already Won The War 0980N
I've Been Delivered 1412B
I've Been To Calvary 0465N
I've Come Too Far To Look Back 0609N
I've Come Too Far To Look Back 0458N
I've Got A Right To Praise The Lord 0432N
I've Got Confidence 0485N
I've Got The Lord In My Life 1482B
I've Never Been Out Of His Care 1638B
I've Never Been Sorry 0489N
Jesus (Every Hour He'll Give You Power) 0497N
Jesus (He Means All The World To Me) 0637B
Jesus And Me 0526N
Jesus Be The Lord Of All 0466N
Jesus Brought Me Out 1057B
Jesus Cares For You 1518N
Jesus Did It For Me 0167B
Jesus Divino (Spanish Track) 1150N
Jesus Got A Hold O' My Life 0414N
Jesus Got A Hold O' My Life 0418N
Jesus Is Alive And Well 0927B
Jesus Is Calling 0669B
Jesus Is Still The Answer 0369N
Jesus Is Still The Answer 0592B
Jesus Made Me Higher 0169N
Jesus Paved My Rocky Road (McClenagan) 0881B
Jesus Said I Love You [Carrol Hicks] 1824B
Jesus Taught Me Compassion [Carrol Hicks] 1874N
Jesus Was The First One (To Ever Be Born Again) [David Ingles] 1723B
Jesus Will Outshine Them All 0172B
Jesus, He Is The Son Of God 0170B
Jesus, He Is The Son Of God 0416N
Jesus, He Is The Son Of God 0484N
Jesus, How I Love You 0739B
Jingle Bells 0512B
Joy Comes In The Morning 0594B
Joy In The Journey 1099B
Joy To The World 0855B
Joy To The World [Children] [Christmas] 1825B
Just Any Day Now 0630N
Just Any Day Now 0474B
Just As I Am 0662B
Keep Looking Up, He's Coming Down (McClenagan) 0655B
Keep Me In Your Will 1484B
Keep The Switch Of Faith Turned On [David Ingles] 1900B
Keep Your Head In The Word 1096B
Keepers Of The Flame 1310B
Keys To The Kingdom [David Ingles] 1894B
King Jesus (Will Roll All Burdens Away) 0596N
King Jesus (Will Roll All Burdens Away) 0173B
King Of Glory 1565B
Lead Me To Calvary 0174N
Learning To Lean 0600N
Learning To Lean 0665B
Learning To Lean 0690B
Less Of Me 0557N
Less Than Your Best [Carrol Hicks] 1826B
Let All The Little Children Praise The Lord 0844B
Let Go By Faith 1781B
Let It Stand [David Ingles] 1901B
Let Jesus Happen To You 1282B
Let Me Tell You About My Jesus [Carrol Hicks] 1827B
Let My Light Shine 0701B
Let The Blood Of Calvary Speak For Me 1093B
Let The Redeemed 1639B
Let Those Mighty Rivers Flow [David Ingles] 1701B
Let Us Go Possess [David Ingles] 1932B
Life Begins At Calvary 1181N
Life In Jesus' Name 0491B
Life Is Big, Rich, And Wonderful [David Ingles] 1724B
Life Is Worth Living [David Ingles] 1933B
Life's Garden [Carrol Hicks] 1828B
Life's Railway To Heaven 1252N
Lift Him Up (Rambo) 0631B
Lift Up The Name Of Jesus 0632B
Lift Up The Name Of Jesus 0683B
Like A Child 0975B
Like Spoken Words 1100B
Little Pilgrim 0966N
Living In The Presence Of Jesus [David Ingles] 1902B
Look For Me 1415B
Look For Me 1121B
Look Out Satan 0931B
Look Up 1182N
Look What The Lord Has Done 1292B
Lookin' For A Better Way (McClenagan) 0813B
Lookin' To Jesus (McClenagan) 0883B
Lord Jesus I'm Ready [Carrol Hicks] 1829B
Lord, Don't Let Me Fail You 0177B
Lord, I Believe [David Ingles] 1903B
Lord, I Magnify You [David Ingles] 1682B
Lord, I Need To Feel Your Touch Again 1097B
Lord, I'm Coming Home 0670B
Lord, You Have A Mighty Arm [David Ingles] 1686B
Lord, You're The Greatest 0544N
Lost In The Presence 1293B
Love At First Sight (Gayle Baughman) 1161B
Love Beyond Measure 1329B
Love Came Down 1566B
Love Divine 0567B
Love Let's Me Give To The Limit [David Ingles] 1690B
Love Letters 0928B
Love Lifted Me 1765B
Love Lifted Me 0612B
Love Them While We Can - - [Mother's day - Father's day] 1172B
Loving God Loving Each Other 1735B
Loving Like A Man 0702B
Magnify His Name 1026N
Majestic Sweetness 0564N
Make Me An Instrument 0765B
Make Your Home In Me 1567B
Mama I Want To Be Just Like You [Mother’s Day] [Carrol Hicks] 1877N
Mama Prayed For Me [Mother's Day] [Carrol Hicks] 1830B
Mama's Song [Mother’s Day] [Carrol Hicks] 1831B
Mansion Over The Hilltop 1311B
Mark 11 23-34 [David Ingles] 1909B
Mary's Boy Child 0750B
Master Of The Wind 1233B
Maudie Lee [Mother’s Day] [Carrol Hicks] 1832B
Medley - Above All - My Jesus I Love Thee 1539B
Medley - Arise My Soul - And Can It Be 0109N
Medley - Better Farther On - Zion's Hill 1640B
Medley - Blessed Redeemer - Nailing My Sins To His Cross - The Old Rugged Cross 0641B
Medley - Every Moment - It Gets Sweeter - If It Keeps Getting Better 1641B
Medley - Follow Me - Precious Lord Take My Hand 0127B
Medley - God Will Take Care Of You - Oh Yes, He Cares - If That I Cares - If That Isn't Love 0129B
Medley - He Touched Me - 0181B
Medley - Heaven Is A Wonderful Place - Hallelujah - Until Then 1642B
Medley - Heavens Jubilee - When We All Get To Heaven - What A Day That Will Be 1327B
Medley - His Name Is Wonderful - Oh, How I Love Jesus 0601N
Medley - Hold To God's Unchanging Hand - Put Your Hand In The Hand 1568B
Medley - If I Could Sing A Thousand Melodies - How Great Thou Art 0156B
Medley - If I Gained The World - Jesus Is The Sweetest Name I Know 1643B
Medley - I'm Standing On The Solid Rock - Rock Of Ages 0703B
Medley - It Is Well With My Soul - I Should Have Been Crucified 0183N
Medley - It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas - Silver Bells - White Christmas 1390B
Medley - Jesus Loves Me - This Little Light Of Mine (Children's Arrangement) 0168N
Medley - Jesus My Rock - What A Lovely Name 0617B
Medley - Jesus Paid It All - I Need Thee Every Hour - Pass Me Not - Softly And Tenderly 0412N
Medley - Joy To The World - Fairest Lord Jesus 0751B
Medley - Leave It There - Jesus Took My Burdens - Burdens Are Lifted At Calvary 0585B
Medley - Leave It There - Kneel At The Cross 0184B
Medley - Let God Have His Way - Got Any Rivers - Let Go And Let God - Let The Lord Have His Way 0185B
Medley - Let Us Break Bread Together - Swing Low, Sweet Chariot - When The Saints Go Marching In 0372B
Medley - My Eyes Are Dry - Revival Can Happen 1543B
Medley - My Jesus I Love Thee - Oh, How I Love Jesus 0451N
Medley - No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus - Oh Yes, He Cares 0591B
Medley - No Other Name - There's Something About That Name 0354B
Medley - No Room - Have You Any Room For Jesus 0748B
Medley - Oh, What A Price - Face To Face - Until Then 0182B
Medley - Redeeming Love - The Love Of God 0749B
Medley - Satisfied - Jesus Is All I Need - All I Need 0606B
Medley - Something Beautiful - To Be Like Jesus 0587B
Medley - Ten Thousand Years - How Beautiful Heaven Must Be 1416B
Medley - The Haven Of Rest - Wonderful Peace 0186N
Medley - The Longer I Serve Him - Lovest Thou Me 0394N
Medley - The Name Of Jesus - Jesus 0932B
Medley - The Spirit Of Jesus - Where The Spirit Is 0187B
Medley - Turn Your Eyes - There Is None Like You 1547B
Medley - We Heard Footsteps - Standing Somewhere In The Shadows 0604N
Medley - When He Was On The Cross - No One Ever Cared For Me 1315B
Medley - When The Morning Comes - When The Saints Go Marching In - When I Laid My Burdens Down 0234B
Medley - You May Wonder - CHRISTMAS - Happy Birthday, Jesus 1388B
Medley- His Way Mine – God Will Make A Way 1782B
Meeting In The Mall [Carrol Hicks] 1833B
Mercy Rewrote My Life 0930B
Mercy Seat [Greg Aery] 1619B
Midnight Cry 1485B
Missionary 0968N
More Than A Friend 0870B
More Than Enough 0297N
More Than I Ever Asked For 1173B
More Than Love 1020N
Most High God (McClenagan) 0878B
Move On Up The Mountain 1012N
My Confidence Is Great In The Lord [David Ingles] 1689B
My Faith Still Holds (Gaither) 0350N
My Faith Still Holds (Gaither) 0188B
My Father Watches Over Me 0599N
My Gift Of Love 0537N
My God Is Able [Rita King] 1156B
My God Is Real 1087B
My God’s Been So Good To Me [David Ingles] 1937N
My Heart [Tim Haynes] 1661B
My Hiding Place 1417B
My Hour Of Prayer 1119N
My House Is Full (But My Field Is Empty) 0933B
My Incorruptable Crown 1283B
My Jesus, I Love Thee 1070N
My Lord 1294B
My Mind Forgets A Million Things 1220N
My Mind Is Not A Garbage Can [Carrol Hicks] 1879N
My Name Is Jesus 0979N
My Soul O'erflows With Praise 0472N
My Tribute (To God Be The Glory) 0189B
My Tribute (To God Be The Glory) 0190N
My Tribute (To God Be The Glory) 0353B
My Tribute (To God Be The Glory) 0415N
My Tribute (To God Be The Glory) Chorus Only 0446N
My Words (McClenagan) 0880B
Naaman 1083B
Near The Heart Of God 0476N
Never Alone (McClenagan) 0652B
Never My Love (Wedding Track) 0767B
New Born Feeling 1127B
New Generation [Carrol Hicks] 1834B
New Grace 1418B
New Jerusalem 0191N
No Never Alone 1544B
No Time [Carrol Hicks] 1835B
No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Stand [Rita King] 0945B
None Of These Diseases 1284B
Now I Have Everything [David Ingles] 1904B
Now You Can Walk With Me 0480N
O Come All Ye Faithful 0746B
O Come All Ye Faithful 0501B
O Come, Angel Band 1486B
O Cuanto Le Amo (Spanish Track) 1149N
O Glorious Love 0569B
O Holy Night 0507B
O Little Town Of Bethlehem 0510B
O Magnify The Lord With Me [David Ingles] 1925B
O Que Amor (Spanish Track) 1153N
Oasis Of Love [David Ingles] 1905B
Oasis Of Love Medley 1545B
Oh Buddha 0737B
Oh Jesus, Praise Your Wonder Working Name [David Ingles] 1702B
O Little Town Of Bethlehem [Christmas] 1836B
Oh What A Reason 1295B
Oh, For A Thousand Tongues 1213N
Oh, For A Thousand Tongues 1247B
Oh, How He Loves You And Me 0861B
Oh, How I Love Him (Slaughter) 0301N
Oh, Magnify The Lord 1041B
Oh, What A Savior 1736B
Ol' Brother Noah 0541N
On A Snowy Christmas Night 0752B
On The Basis Of The Blood [David Ingles] 1688B
On Time God 1419B
Once Upon A Bethlehem Night 1391B
One Day At A Time 0518N
One Day At A Time 0302N
One Day At A Time 0389B
One Day Closer 0359N
One Day Too Late 0195N
One Of These Days 0196B
One Way 1737B
Only Because You Love [Tim Haynes] 1674N
Only Heaven Knows 1487B
Only His Love Will Remain 1766B
Only Jesus Can Satisfy Your Soul 0916B
Only One Life 0368N
Our Cathedral Of Praise [David Ingles] 1895B
Our King Of Kings [David Ingles] 1703B
Out Of His Great Love 1312B
Part The Waters 0863B
Pass It On 0198N
Pass Me Not 0666B
Passin' The Faith Along 1217N
Passing Through 1313B
Peace In The Midst Of The Storm 0644B
Peace, Joy And Love 0528N
Peculiar [David Ingles] 1725B
People Need The Lord 1488B
People Of Zion [David Ingles] 1704B
Peter Do You Love Me [Carrol Hicks] 1881N
Pickin' Up The Pieces 1051N
Plenty Of Room (Gaither) 0492N
Plenty Of Room (Gaither) 0199B
Plenty Of Time 0436N
Plenty Of Time 0201N
Pour Your Healing Oil Through Me (Mike Murdock) 1007B
Pouring His Love On Me (McClenagan) 0656B
Practice What You Preach 0691B
Praise And Worship Medley 1089B
Praise The Lord 1098B
Praise The Lord 1296B
Praise The Lord 1569B
Praise The Lord [David Ingles] 1934B
Praise The Lord, He Never Changes 0862B
Praise You 1169B
Praising You (McClenagan) 0882B
Preacher From Kansas [Carrol Hicks] 1837B
Precious Blood 1017N
Precious Jesus 0413N
Precious Lord, Take My Hand 0370N
Promises One By One 1522N
Put It In Your Pipe and Smoke It 1570B
Put Your Hand In The Hand 0555N
Queen Of Paradise 0758B
Quiero Mas De El (Spanish Track) 1151N
Reach A Little Higher (Mike Murdock) 1008B
Reach Out 1050N
Redemption Draweth Nigh 0435N
Refuge [Tim Haynes] 1662B
Remind Me, Dear Lord 0202N
Renew In Me 0611N
Rise Again 0681B
Rise Again 0648B
Rise Again 0692B
Rise And Be Healed 0365N
River Of Grace 1126B
Road In The Wilderness 1014N
Rock Of Ages 0204N
Roses Will Bloom Again 1571B
Royal Family 0865B
Sail On Over To The Other Side 0990B
Satan Has Been Paralyzed [David Ingles] 1915B
Satisfied 1546B
Savior Like A Shepherd Lead Us 1225N
Say I Do 0704B
Say It With A Smile (McClenagan) 0808B
Sea Walker 1572B
Seated In Heavenly Places (McClenagan) 0885B
Second Fiddle [Christmas] [Carrol Hicks] 1838B
See Good In Others [Carrol Hicks] 1839B
Send It Down Again [Laurinda Stogsdill] 1620B
Send The Light 1767B
Set Another Plate [Laurinda Stogsdill] 1621B
Share It With Jesus 1523N
She Laid Hold On The Word [David Ingles] 1910B
Shepherd Of My Valley 1489B
She's Getting' Up [Patriotic] 1573B
Shine 0622B
Shine Down 1205N
Silent Night 0747N
Silent Night 0509N
Silver Bells 0505B
Silver Bells 0755B
Since Jesus Spoke 0207N
Sing A Song For Jesus 0493N
Sing Over Me 1227B
Singin' With The Saints 1455N
Singin' With The Saints 1490B
Singing Alleluia 0705N
Singing In Sunshine 0452N
Sinner Saved By Grace 1783B
Smile 1525N
Softly And Tenderly 0664B
Some High Green Hill 0467N
Somebody Found Me 0757B
Somebody Prayed For Me 0756B
Somebody Touched Me 1027N
Someday 0208N
Someone Kept Praying For Me [Carrol Hicks] 1840B
Someone Needs You Today [Carrol Hicks] 1841B
Someone To Care 1178N
Someone To Share In Their Dreams [Carrol Hicks] 1842B
Something Beautiful 0352N
Something In The Air 0424N
Something She's Never Seen 1491B
Something Special - [Mother's day - Father's day] (Gaither) 0470N
Something Within 0978N
Something Worth Living For 0211B
Sometimes Alleluia 0693B
Soon And Very Soon 0649B
Speak To The Mountain 1492B
Special Delivery 0620B
Stand By Me 0678B
Stand By The River 0744B
Stand On The Rock 1084B
Standing In The Presence Of The King 1420B
Standing Together [Carrol Hicks] 1843B
Statement of Faith 1493B
Statue Of Liberty [Patriotic] 0357B
Statue Of Liberty [Patriotic] 0517N
Still Holdin' On 1738B
Still The Same (McClenagan) 0884B
Stop And Listen [Carrol Hicks] 1844B
Strong Enough [Carrol Hicks] 1845B
Strong Holds Are Comin' Down 1494B
Sunday School Girl 1768B
Surely The Presence Of The Lord Is In This Place 0643N
Sweet Beulah Land 1495B
Sweet Beulah Land 0830B
Sweet Beulah Land 1253N
Sweet Jesus 1421B
Sweet, Sweet Children 0740B
Sweeter As The Days Go By 1072N
Take Him At His Word 1531N
Take Jesus Into Your Heart 1086B
Take Me Back 0428N
Take My Name 0971B
Take The World, But Give Me Jesus 0473N
Take This Bread [David Ingles] 1687B
Take Up Thy Cross And Follow Me 1125B
Talking Bible [Children] [Carrol Hicks] 1846B
Te Damos Gloria (Spanish Track) 1155N
Teach Me The Way 0315N
Team Drivers [Carrol Hicks] 1847B
Tell It To A Few Close Friends 0839B
Tell Me Why 1183N
Ten Thousand Years 0597N
Thank You 1496B
Thank You Loving Father (RHEMA Family Hymn) [David Ingles] 1726B
Thank You, Jesus, For The Old Rugged Cross 0366N
Thanks To Calvary 0393B
That Day Is Almost Here 0218N
That Name [David Ingles] 1681B
That’s What I Have, That’s Who I Am [David Ingles] 1916B
That's My Stuff 1602B
That's No Hill For A Climber 1422B
That's What Jesus Means To Me [Mother's day - Father's day] 0219B
That's What Jesus Means To Me [Mother's day - Father's day] 0589B
That's When God's Blessings Start To Fall 0367N
That's When The Angels Rejoice 1018N
The 20th Century Through Grandma's Eyes [Carrol Hicks] 1848B
The Blood Bought Church (Nancy Harmon) 1297B
The Blood Bought Church (Nancy Harmon) 1171B
The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power 0462N
The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power 0694B
The Blood, The Precious Blood [David Ingles] 1705B
The Broken Rose 1314B
The Church 0563N
The Church's One Foundation 0566N
The Cloud He's Coming Back On 0984N
The Countdown (McClenagan) (McClenagan) 0651B
The Darker The Night 0383B
The Eastern Gate 0221B
The Everlasting Arms 0479N
The Faith Of Jesus [David Ingles] 1917B
The Family Of God 0371B
The Family Of God 0586B
The First Noel 0853B
The First Step To Heaven 1739B
The Flowers Kissed The Shoes 0320N
The Glory Of The Lord Is In This Place [Rita King] 0953B
The God That Cannot Fail 1021N
The Great Physician 1740B
The Greatest Gift Of All 1262B
The Heart Between The Nails 1423B
The Home Over There 0679B
The Key (I'm Free) [David Ingles] 1727B
The Kind Of Love That Will Prevail 0561N
The King Is Coming 0483N
The King Is Coming 0419N
The King Is Coming 0222N
The King Is Coming (With Recitation) 0374B
The Lamb, The Lion, The King 1741B
The Language Of Love [David Ingles] 1918B
The Lighthouse 0860B
The Lighthouse 0706B
The Little Donkey [Children] [Carrol Hicks] 1849B
The Lord Is Good [David Ingles] 1896B
The Lord Is My Strength 1424B
The Lord's Prayer 0616N
The Message Of His Coming 1461N
The Miracle Of Life 1497B
The Monkey Song [Children] [Carrol Hicks] 1884N
The Name Of Jesus [David Ingles] 1911B
The Next Step 0456B
The Next Step 0442B
The Next Step 0559N
The Night Before Easter 1769B
The Old Gospel Ship 0322N
The Old Hymns [Carrol Hicks] 1850B
The Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference 0225N
The Old Time Way 1022N
The Party 0636N
The Party's Over 1498B
The Power Of His Blood (Tamra Crosson) 1167B
The Praise In Us 0972B
The Presence Of The Lord Is Beautiful [David Ingles] 1706B
The Promised One [Christmas] [Carrol Hicks] 1851B
The Reason We Sing 1229B
The Resurrection Morn' 0226B
The Resurrection Morn' 0481B
The Savior Is Waiting 0663B
The Seed Of Abraham [David Ingles] 1707B
The Ship Sails On 1265N
The Song Of The Lord [David Ingles] 1919B
The Sounds Of His Coming 0382B
The Stones Been Rolled Aways 1298B
The Storm (Gayle Baughman) 1163B
The Stranger Of Galilee 0608B
The Streets Of New Jerusalem 0553N
The Sun Will Shine Again (Mike Murdock) 1009B
The Sweetest Song I Know 1066N
The Taste Of The Lamb 0828B
The Thomas Kind Of Faith [David Ingles] 1920B
The Tide Is Turning 1499B
The Unseen Hand 0460N
The Way That He Loves 0639B
The Way You Look Tonight (Wedding Track) 1759N
The Waymaker 1054B
The Will [Carrol Hicks] 1852B
The Wind Is Blowing Again 0929B
The Wonder (Sweet Jesus) 0340N
The Wonder Of It All 0228B
The Word Returned [David Ingles] 1912B
The World Didn't Give It To Me 0638B
The Year When Jesus Comes 0450N
Then Came Jesus 1180N
Then Came The Morning 1077N
Then I Met The Master 1533N
Then Jesus Came 1462N
There Ain't Nothin' I Ain't Got (McClenagan) 0810B
There Is A River 1426B
There Is A River 0355N
There Is A River 0229B
There Is Nothing Impossible For God (Mike Murdock) 1010B
There's A First Time For Everything 1603B
There's A Healer In The House 1299B
There's A Light At The End Of The Darkness 0696B
There's A Whole Lot Of People Going Home 0646B
There's A Whole Lot Of People Going Home [David Ingles] 1684B
There's Enough Of God's Love 0580B
There's Never Been A Place That The Lord Wasn't By My Side (Rita King) 0951B
There's Peace In Knowing 1500B
There's Room At The Cross 0668B
There's Still Power In The Blood 1049N
There's Still Power In The Blood 1092B
Things That Matter 1427B
This Could Be The Dawning Of That Day 0230B
This Is Our Finest Hour [David Ingles] 1897B
This Is The Refreshing [David Ingles] 1691B
This Is What Heaven Means To Me 0326N
This Little Light (Children's Arrangement) 0232N
This Man 0988B
This World Is Not My Home 1016N
Those That Be Planted [David Ingles] 1935B
Those Without Sin [Laurinda Stogsdill] 1622B
Thoughts Of Home 0680N
Three Little Crispy Critters 1428B
Through It All 0233B
Through It All 0437N
Through The Fire 1501B
Till The Whole World Knows [Tim Haynes] 1663B
To Me He's Become Everything 1502B
Tonka Toy Christian (McClenagan) 0654B
Too Busy [Carrol Hicks] 1887N
Touching Jesus 0573N
Touring That City 0598N
Turn Back 0534N
Turn Back My Child 0395N
Turn To Jesus 1330B
Ultimate Kingdom 1264B
Unchangeable Lord [David Ingles] 1913B
Unclouded Day 1268N
Victory In Jesus 0358N
Voice of the Father (Crandall) 1664B
Wake Up [Carrol Hicks] 1853B
Walk In Victory [Carrol Hicks] 1854B
Walk Right Out Of This Valley 1211N
Walkin' On A Rainbow (McClenagan) 0657B
Walking With Jesus [Carrol Hicks] 1855B
We Are Flowing Together [David Ingles] 1923B
We Cry Holy 1503B
We Don't Have The Promise Of Tomorrow 1644B
We Fall Down 1574B
We Give You Praise 1043N
We Have This Moment, Today - [Mother's day - Father's day] 0640N
We Shall Behold Him 1019N
We Shall See Jesus 1174B
We Three Kings 0852B
We Will Glorify 1085B
We Will Ride 1504B
Weapons Of Our Warfare 1429B
Wedding Song (There Is Love) (Wedding Track) 0769B
We'll Soon Be Done (With Troubles And Trials) 1271N
We're Blest 0624B
We're Marching To Zion 1079N
We're Not Home Yet 0524N
What A Beautiful Day (For The Lord To Come Again) 0363N
What A Beautiful Place [Laurinda Stogsdill] 1623B
What A Day That Will Be 0530N
What A Difference You've Made In My Life 0707B
What A Healing Jesus 1300B
What A Way To Spend Forever 1430B
What A Wonder (Wedding Track) 1224N
What About Me 1331B
What Do You Plan To Do 0697B
What I Confess I Possess [David Ingles] 1922B
What Sins Are You Talkin' About 1256N
What This Whole World Needs [Carrol Hicks] 1856B
Whatever It Takes (Wolfe) 0673N
When All Is Said And Done 1469N
When Answers Aren't Enough 1095B
When He Was On The Cross 1505B
When He Was On The Cross (I Was On His Mind) 1067N
When I Get To The End Of The Way 0675N
When I Pass Through The Gates 1506B
When I Think Of His Goodness 1301B
When Jesus Comes To Claim His Own [Rita King] 0947B
When The Holy Ghost Shows Up (We'll Have Church) 1742B
When The Saints Go Marching In (Instrumental) 0574N
When They Ring The Golden Bells 0439N
When We See Christ 0387N
When You Say Nothing At All (Wedding Track) 1757B
When You've Got Nothing Left But God (Mike Murdock) 1011B
Where Could I Go, But To The Lord 1332B
Where Could I Go, But To The Lord 1333B
Where I Am 1431B
While Endless Ages Roll 1538N
Who Am I 0486N
Who Can Do 1024N
Who Shall Declare His Generation [David Ingles] 1679B
Why Don't You Help Somebody This Christmas 1392B
Why Me, Lord 0336N
Why Should He Love Me So 0235B
Why You Died For Me [Carrol Hicks] 1888N
Will The Circle Be Unbroken 0236B
With Everlasting Kindness [David Ingles] 1676B
Without God 0554N
Without Jesus 0523N
Without The Blood 0386N
Wonderful Feeling (Tamra Crosson) 1165B
Wonderful Peace 0581N
Worthy The Lamb 0378B
Wounded Soldier 1212N
Wrap Me In Your Arms 1784B
Write Your Own Ticket With God [David Ingles] 1914B
Written In Red 1316B
Yes, Lord, Yes 1110B
Yesterday 0558N
Yesterday, Today And Forever 1088B
You Are Free [David Ingles] 1906B
You Are Holy Lord 1575B
You Can Change [David Ingles] 1898B
You Can Trade 0410N
You Decorated My Life (Wedding Track) 0770B
You Got The Power To Save Me 0627B
You Hold A Miracle [David Ingles] 1708B
You Light Up My Life 0803B
You Must Make Up Your Mind 0982N
You Never Gave Up On Me 0626B
You Won't Leave Here Like You Came (In Jesus' Name) [David Ingles] 1728B
You Won't Scare God Away 0539N
You'll Never Be Alone Anymore 0759B
You'll Never Stand Alone 0545N
You'll Never Walk Alone 0239N
You're Gonna Make It 1040B
You're My World (Wedding Track) 0768B
You're Not A Statistic With Jesus 1857B
You're Still Lord 1302B
You're Still Lord 1317B
You're The Father 0974B
You're The Only Jesus 1218N